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Welcome to Blaze Tax Services

When it comes to taxes, individuals and small business owners are looking for results, not just another stressful experience.  At Blaze Tax Services LLC, we are dedicated to helping you or your business achieve the results you want, need, and value.

The services we offer are designed to make tax time easy.  We provide an unbeatable combination of professionalism, outstanding customer service, convenience, accessibility, and savings.  Now, you can meet with an affordable tax expert at your convenience.  As a mobile tax service, we can come to your home, office, or any other location at a time that suits you; evenings and weekends are no problem.  You can also mail, email, or fax your tax paperwork to us for added ease.  Just imagine being able to pull up a chair in the comfort of a familiar space and being able to speak with someone who will really listen; someone who knows the tax rules and knows which questions to ask to determine your lowest legal tax liability.  Imagine not having to worry about forgetting forms or paperwork, arranging for child care, waiting in line, or having to take time off from work or other commitments.  With Blaze Tax Services you get all these things, and more.

Tax Problems in Milwaukie or the Portland, OR Area? No Problem.        

We specialize in issues relating to non-filed tax returns, unpaid taxes, liens, levies, audit representation, and any other type of tax controversy. If you have IRS tax problems, don't attempt to face the IRS alone. That would be like going up against an army. They are the most brutal collection agency on the planet. Dealing with the IRS is, at best, challenging, stressful, and frustrating. At worst, it can destroy your life by causing your credit score to drop, your bank accounts drained, liens placed against your possessions, and your income confiscated by a wage or income levy. You suffer the embarrassment of appearing unwilling to pay your bills because the IRS or state takes so much of your money that you aren't left with enough to survive on. Instead, resolve your tax challenges by contacting us and letting our IRS problem solvers help you get the income tax relief you need.




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